In June 2018 some close friends generously invited us to share their holiday rental in the Limousin and, instead of the usual “wouldn’t it be nice to stay here for ever”, we decided it was time for one last adventure and that we were going to sell our house in England and open a chambre d’hôtes (B&B) in France. When we sobered up and got back to Bradford we still thought it was a good idea!

A typical reaction (this one from my Mum) was:

“What fresh madness is this? Just when we are about to be cut off from ‘Yurp’, you decide to jump ship. Don’t forget loads of people contemplate moving abroad after an enjoyable holiday experience, and it doesn’t always work out. You wouldn’t get to see much of your daughter, you would miss all your friends, and depending where you go, what will it be like in winter? Having said that and allowing for a mid-life crisis spurring you on, in theory it sounds a great idea, if you can find the right place and make a living there, and now would probably be the time to do it, if you are set on the idea. Basically, I am just jealous that I never got the chance to do something like that!”

What follows will, hopefully, be an account of our journey. It won’t be quick, for reasons that will soon become apparent, but if you’re thinking about your summer holiday in 2021 watch this space. Read more here.