Admin Man strikes again!

Our first Christmas in France was a quiet one, though after the travails of the previous year we were glad of it. The only downside was not seeing my daughter, who I’d said an emotional farewell to on 4th December, fully expecting that she’d be able to come for a visit over the New Year.... Continue Reading →

Something in the woodshed!

Having attended a 1970s all girls’ boarding school, apart from an aversion to the colour red (blazers, cardigans, belts and bobble hats!) and a vow to never eat a marrow again after the colossal marrow glut of 1976, I had the broad and balanced design technology curriculum of ‘Cooking’ and ‘Sewing’. Not even ‘Home Economics’... Continue Reading →

Parlez-vous français

The one piece of advice I’ve been given over and over again is learn to speak the language! If you want to make a success of living in France, then learn to speak French. But how many books have a I read recently where people make the decision to buy a house in France without... Continue Reading →

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