French Property News

Some great publicity for the blog this week with an appearance in the October issue of French Property News. I responded to a tweet requesting personal experiences and lo and behold there we are on page 7 with a link to this blog!

The blog seems to have gone down well so far having been seen by 322 unique visitors since we launched in August. Two-thirds of visitors are from the UK, including my Mum, whilst the remainder are from France, the US, Australia and the rest of Europe. I put this down to being active on various online forums – see previous blog post.

Whether this will prove to be useful in the long run depends on whether we can retain your interest until we make the move. It would be nice to welcome not just family and friends to France but also people who have been following us from the start, eager to see what we’ve created. I’d also welcome your feedback, comments on the posts and any questions you might have.


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