Admin Man strikes again!

Our first Christmas in France was a quiet one, though after the travails of the previous year we were glad of it. The only downside was not seeing my daughter, who I’d said an emotional farewell to on 4th December, fully expecting that she’d be able to come for a visit over the New Year.... Continue Reading →

Anti-social distancing

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog; nearly two years; so I’ve a lot to catch up on. Some of the reasons you can probably guess… though I can’t really use a worldwide pandemic as an excuse as being furlough from work gave me ample opportunities. Mostly it was an overwhelming sense... Continue Reading →

This time next year!

If all goes according to plan, this time next year we’ll be less than a month away from moving to France. My retirement date is pencilled for my 57th birthday in late August whilst La Reine’s current contract comes to an end at around the same time. If we’re very lucky we’ll have sold our... Continue Reading →

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