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A list of the books I've read so far... I've now made the links clickable. Earning Money From Your French Home - Jo Taylor, Survival Books, 2005. Essential Questions to Ask when Buying a House in France - Mark Sampson. France: A Short History: From Gaul to de Gaulle - John Julius Norwich, John Murray,... Continue Reading →

Le Roi de Prusse?

Browsing one of the many websites offering advice about moving to, living in or running a business in France (mostly linked to estate agents) I came across a poster who said that "running a B&B in France was like "travailler pour le roi de Prusse" ". Literally it means “to work for the king of Prussia”... Continue Reading →


Knowing that we have a lot to learn we started by asking the people around us about their experience of holidays in France. We put together a quick questionnaire and asked family and friends to help spread the word. We wanted to hear from people who had visited France to find out how, why, where... Continue Reading →

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