French Property News

Some great publicity for the blog this week with an appearance in the October issue of French Property News. I responded to a tweet requesting personal experiences and lo and behold there we are on page 7 with a link to this blog! The blog seems to have gone down well so far having been... Continue Reading →

Why wait?

Anyone who has been following this blog will know that our plan is to move to France in 2020, at the earliest. Why, given the uncertainty around at the moment, don’t we do it sooner you might ask? It’s a good question so here are just some of the answers… The biggest reason is our... Continue Reading →


Turning 55 this week was the start of the two year countdown to our planned move to France. If all goes according to plan (fat chance of that) then August 21st 2020 will be an auspicious date, marking my 'retirement' from work and the start of our new adventure. Of course before then we have... Continue Reading →

Reading List

A list of the books I've read so far... I've now made the links clickable. Earning Money From Your French Home - Jo Taylor, Survival Books, 2005. Essential Questions to Ask when Buying a House in France - Mark Sampson. France: A Short History: From Gaul to de Gaulle - John Julius Norwich, John Murray,... Continue Reading →

Le Roi de Prusse?

Browsing one of the many websites offering advice about moving to, living in or running a business in France (mostly linked to estate agents) I came across a poster who said that "running a B&B in France was like "travailler pour le roi de Prusse" ". Literally it means “to work for the king of Prussia”... Continue Reading →


Knowing that we have a lot to learn we started by asking the people around us about their experience of holidays in France. We put together a quick questionnaire and asked family and friends to help spread the word. We wanted to hear from people who had visited France to find out how, why, where... Continue Reading →

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