Elf and safety

A couple of readers have asked if we’ve had a change of heart, or at least of a change of plan, noticing the absence of posts recently. In short, no, not at all. I’ve always maintained that if I have nothing to say then I’m not going to write something for the sake of it, added to which we’ve both been busy with work. I work for an events company and September to December is our busiest period.

Whilst I’ve been elf wrangling, La Reine has been spending most of her time getting to grips with dinosaurs. As well as keeping us both busy this period has also reminded us why we decided on this plan in the first place; to get away from the grind of working 9 to 5 for someone else, however interesting our jobs might be and however great our employers are to work for.

I imagined that, by now, the outcome of the Brexit referendum would have been decided but, at the time of writing, we are still no clearer about what will happen or how it will affect us. When the Prime Minister seemingly doesn’t understand that freedom of movement works both ways it is hard not to feel incredibly frustrated at the lack of clarity. If the experience of EU citizens I know in the UK is anything to go by it must be an anxious time for UK expats living in France.

Progress on our house has similarly been slow. The garden is looking a little better after a determined effort to clear the leaves from our many trees and one of the two remaining rooms to be decorated is at least ready for plastering. We eagerly await the arrival of tree surgeons to remove a couple of the trees that seem to be causing the problem but all too aware that it will be some time before we know whether that has resolved it.

We’re looking forward to Christmas with family and friends before our trip to le Pays Basque in late January to cat sit for a couple who need to come back to the UK for a couple of days. It’s a step into the unknown but should give us an insight into southwest France out of season. Learning French is coming slowly; Duo Lingo is great but it was becoming more of a game than a learning experience and so, after a 30-day streak, I’ve decided to have a break until I can give it proper attention.

Things in France look no more stable with protest by les gilets jaunes showing no signs of abating. One can only admire the willingness of the French to take to the streets in what might well be a sight with which we become all too familiar in the UK following the so called ‘meaningful vote’ on 11thDecember. Maybe a little ‘civil unrest’ will help focus the minds of Parliament and they’ll work out that the best outcome is staying in the EU and working to improve it from within?

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