The ‘tyranny’ of Ryanair

Apologies in advance as what follows is a bit of a rant… but it’s either this or becoming one of those people who post their woes on Facebook 😉. Like many people who live, have a second home or holiday in France we have flown with Ryanair on numerous occasions, taking advantage of their regular... Continue Reading →

This time next year!

If all goes according to plan, this time next year we’ll be less than a month away from moving to France. My retirement date is pencilled for my 57th birthday in late August whilst La Reine’s current contract comes to an end at around the same time. If we’re very lucky we’ll have sold our... Continue Reading →

Le Grand Tour

A chance encounter on a French web forum found us flying out to Limoges on a cold Thursday in January; some of us more awake than others. Unfortunately, La Reine spent much of the previous night in A&E with my Mum, waiting on an update on her husband who had fallen and banged his head... Continue Reading →

Elf and safety

A couple of readers have asked if we’ve had a change of heart, or at least of a change of plan, noticing the absence of posts recently. In short, no, not at all. I’ve always maintained that if I have nothing to say then I’m not going to write something for the sake of it,... Continue Reading →

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